"I'm the Mickey to your Minnie You're the Tigger to my Winnie"

Hey, I´m Luly. I like Taylor Swift and Doctor Who. At least that´s what people say.

sparks flying

Wont stop grooving
That girl with the curly hair who wears her heart on her sleeve is going to be very important to you in life. She is special. Her words are inspiring. Hold on to her.


growing up is realizing that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a fucking idiot


Taylor performing at Target’s National Meeting


How it feels to be at an Ed Sheeran concert
Cleveland, Ohio 9/4/14 [x/x/x/x/x/x]


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“I know people will make it this big girl-fight thing. […] My intent was not to create some gossip-fest. I wanted people to apply it to a situation where they felt betrayed in their own lives.” — Taylor Swift on ‘Bad Blood’ (via everswift)